Implementation of Workspace monitoring feature in Non robotic CNC

I have developed a CNC project with the help of mapp motion technology (MpAxisBasic and MpCnc4Axis).We want to implement the WorkSpace monitoring Feature from the robotic section.I have checked B&R online help section from website and B&R automation studio help but all the help materials specify the workspace feature will work only with the TRF_lib(Robotics).So i wanted to know is it possible to use the feature for generic Cnc without TRF_lib.


In case you want to use the certified safety monitoring of workspaces, you will requeire to use a serial kinematic transformation (A “simple” transformation because is a CNC, but is a transformation, a lineal transformation)

[ Serial kinematics ](B&R Online Help

Reference in the function block to monitor SAFE workspaces

As you can it has nested parameters related to le generic serial transformation

More info regarding the safe monitoring of spaces

In case you want to implement something by yourself, think about this…

1-Dificult to calculate the “breaking” distance before entering the forbidden areas.
2-How to perform calculations in a safe manner?
3-How to get the positions from the servos…

Therefore, the suggestion, use the function. That is the reason why B&R create it!


The MappMotion System does technicaly not divide between CNC and Robotics. In both cases you select a Mechanical System from your Toolbox and use it.
(Internaly these enable a Transformation similar to the TRF-LIB. In MappMotion its a Binary called “McMechSys”. For simple CNC Mechanics the Transformation is only a 1:1 Matrix but if you have for example a 5Axis CNC its the same process like a 5 Axis Robot, there is mathematical not a big difference)

The Workspace for your CNC can be defined in an Workspace Definition-File in the Configuration View
AS-Help: Workspace Definition

To Link the Definition File to the Cnc Axes Group you will need the Axes Group Feature File
AS-Help: Axes Group Feature - Workspace Monitoring

The commands which can be used inside the G-Code File are here
AS-Help: G-Code Dokumentation Workspace

I think you have read the AS-Help Sections of the ARNC0 - which was our Legacy CNC and Robotics System Software. If using MappMotion take care that you stay in the correct Help Section. Most topics of CNC are also available for Legacy ARNC0. So in the Search you get often double results.

For ARNC0 i think the Workspace will also work for a simple 4Ax CNC , if no Transformation is used it is only checking the TCP in XYZ . The Transformation is only needed to check the Joint-Positions of a Robot as the TCP can be inside a Limit and the Joint Q3 for example can be outside.


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