Using CAM When the MpCnc4Axis Block is Enable

Currently we are building a 4 cnc machine,where 3 axis are acting as a Cartesian coordinate system on which a 1 rotary joint axis is mounted which hold the tool.I wanted to implement the TCP like functionality for the tool in 4 CNC configuration So i have planned to use the CamIn, but since the MpCnc4Axis block is running i am not able to use any CAM or Gearing functionality.Any idea about how to implement CAM or Gearing Functionality.

I think the mechanic will look like one of those two?
In gerneral its helpfull to provide a small sketch.

The computation and coupling of the TCP and Joint Axes is done by the System, and the mathematics/Transformation is done via a Mechanical System, which you can select. If your Kinematics is not Supported by the B&R Kinematics there is the possibility to make an own coustome one, but this needs some mathematic skills.

Are you using MappMotion or Legacy ARNC0?

For me its not clear what the CAM/Gear should couple as there is no reference about Master/Slave Coordinate.

Do you want to follow an external Movement like a Belt or a CAM-Based clocked machine?
You may use one of these Topics to influence your TCP movement.

  • McTrkPath
  • MC_BR_OnlinePathInfluence_N

Normaly a CNC-System is used to run a G-Code Programm… it could also be helpful to provide a short idea of how you intend, it looks like.


Thank you for the response, The mechanical system likely resembles our system i will implement it in our system along with CNC thank you.