Mapp-alarmx not working in two visualizations

Hi all,
I have a problem where in one visualization it shows me alarms normally and in the other nothing.
I have two pages on the alert, where I show the same content, the only difference is in zoomMode

Example with same alarms in those visualizations.


To see the issue, I’d recommend first to check the logger visualization box checked


and also the diagnosis page, on see if there any problem with binding, configuration etc.

To see how diagnosis page works : AS help

@c587561 Tobias

Do you have two .vis files (2 separate visualizations)?

If you have two separate .vis or the separate content files make sure the binding file(s) with the mappLink binding exists in and for both.



is the mpLink binding the mode twoWay?

It’s working now. I was missing some content bindings.