Mapp View Start Page question

Hello again:

I´m having problems in order to start my HMI application with the created dialog (Login). The idea is to start with the Login dialog and once the user login is succesfull to be redirected to the home page.

Should I include in the visualizat.vis file as Startpage the DialogLogin??

Thanks in advance!

Hi, you can not use dialog as a starting page. Your usecase could have more solutions. From information you have provided
I would solve it in two ways:

a) create init page (e.g. with company logo), set it as a start page and when page is loaded you can manually or automatically
navigate to main page and activate dialog and call other actions if need it.

b) you can create session variable as a marker that dialog must be loaded. Then you can use even content loaded, check this marker in condition, call dialog if condition is met
and reset marker
Session variable


Good morning Jaroslav:

I´ve just follow what you shared but once the created init page (company logo) appears, the dialog doesn´t open. Where should I write the command that handles openning of the dialog once I´m whatching the init page? In the visualizat.vis file?

Sorry if I’m asking too basic questions, I’m new with this and it’s too much information :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance, you are being a great help.

No problem. If you want only open loginDialog once init page is loaded, you have to create event and action for that.

Lets assume:

  • init page has content with name “ContentInit”
  • your dialog ID is “LoginDialog”

then use clientSystem event ContentLoaded and check in condiction that your “ContentInit” was loaded and then call action OpenDialog

Hello @zabalale7,

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