How to automatically open the home page of my HMI after entering credentials in mappview?

Hello to everyone:

I have created an HMI in which I have different pages (Home, Settings and status). Assigning Home as pageRefId , I have no problem to move through the different screens of my HMI using the different navigation buttons.

The problem arises when I set the Login page as the main page (with the respective widget for the login in mappview) and enter the credentials. I would like that once the user and password entered are correct, it automatically redirects to the home screen.

Does anyone know how to do this?

I share images for a better understanding.

Thanks in advance!

Of course I have created different users and when I enter them in the login page, the widget responds with a message which says: the user has been changed successfully. Should I include a condition in which, when this happens, it redirects me to the home page?

Yes, this is exactly what you have to do. So use event LoginSuccess B&R Online Help from Login widget and call navigate action. B&R Online Help

I would personally prefer way that you create dialog with log in widget and you can then only close dialog after successful log in. For me it looks more professional, you can still see active page in this way.

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Hi @zabalale7! I agree on @kovarj that the way to create a dialog and just close it after successful log in is a “cleaner” way to implement what you want. You can check here how to create a dialog box: B&R Online Help - Dialog boxes

I also attach an image of how to implement the event-action structure to navigate to home screen or to close the dialog after triggering the event of LoginSuccess.


Good morning:

Ok, thanks to both of you, I´ll try what you commented.

Thanks again!