MappView Button properties


is there a way to add a background image to a disabled button.
When i add the background image to a button in mappview, the image is visualised, but when i disable the button, the image is gone and i can only change the background colour.


Hi @SvenG,

should not be like that. I tested button, image and set enable to false and picture is still there.

tested with mappView 5.24. I will need more info from you, maybe printscreen of your configuration?


thank you for the reply !
i ment the background image ? are you using the same property?

when the button is enable i see the background image, when the button is disabled it is gone

these are my settings


sorry. misunderstanding from my side. You are right that image bind to property backGround is gone when you set enable to FALSE. Since there is no property disableBackGround I would expect that image will remain for both state. I tested it with MV 5.24 as well as with MV 5.15. So if this is a bug then it is in mappView present for long time. I do not have solution for that and I would personally report it as a bug using local B&R support.

Thank you !

i try to send some bug report to B&R


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I already created bug report. So if you create bug report to B&R you can refer to communication here. it will save some time to colleague on support.