MappView DropDownBox like VC4

Is there a way to hide or lock rows of a DropDownBox ?
I used this a lot in VC4, but this seems not to exist in MappView.
In VC4: value - OptionDatapoint.

No, these objects are different. In dropdown box widget you can use dataProvider to change items dynamically B&R Online Help

I tried this, but when I change the dataprovider and selectedValue with two listbindings with the same selector. The widget doesn’t load them at the same time I think and I loose my data.
Because the each itemCollection has unique values.
Does someone know, when things are executed in MappView?

as far as I know mappView client in browser uses one thread, so changes are executed as a sequence, change by change. you have to make sure that new dataProvider is filled before new selectedValue is set. You must be sure that new selected Value already exist in the widget, otherwise default one is set.