Selector does not remember position in DropDownBox


I have a issue with DropDownBox in Automation Studio.

I fill the text with value in the DropDownBox (dataProvider) from Aprol and selectedValue to Aprol.

For example: selectedIndex 0 has dataprovider test, selectedIndex 1 has dataprovider test2 and selectedindex 2-10 has default dataprovider N/A. If I select selectedIndex 1 and do Aprol download (script get default value N/A for dataprovider), selector set selectedIndex to 0 and after a few second after script trigger, it set selectedIndex to 2. On the first value N/A.

If I use 10x dataprovider and first 4 has other value than N/A, after script retrigger it set selectedindex to 4 (it starts from 0, so first position after other value than N/A)

How do I set that selector always remember position (selectedIndex)?

I updated mappview to version 5.22 and during 6 downloads it worked correctly (it remembered position), today it was remembered on one DropDownBox, but not on the other, same project, same logic…

Thank you very much in advance for your help

Hello jakub, you have mentioned that one dropDownBox remembers the selected index and second one not. Could be that one variable that is bind to selectedIndex property is configured as a retain and second one is not? Check variable declaration.

I have noticed a simular issue.
I believe the problem is generated when the dataprovider isn’t updated the same moment as the selectedValue. In my case due to the use of a compound widget.
Mappview looks for the value and doesn’t find it in the “previous” dataprovider and then takes index 0.
At moment it stores the value of index 0 in your selector.
Afterwarts the correct dataprovider is loaded, but the value of the selector is already changed.
I’m still looking for a good workaround.


Hello all! Any further updates or suggestions on this topic?

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