Mappview Question

Hello, I’m choi.

I have two question.

  1. Is it possible to trigger an event when the mouse is hovered over an object in Mappview?

  2. Can I save a CSV file through ‘mpdatarecord’ on a PC? (PLC and PC are connected via LAN)?

Thank you.

Hi Choi,

1.) I don’t think that’s possible since there’s no “MouseOver” event accessible in mappView as I know. Please see this post for details.

2.) I would recommend to copy a mpDataRecord generated file from the PLCs storage to a PC by using FileIO library together with a CIFS file device (= network shared folder on the PC).
To do this with FileIO, you need the function blocks DevLink() for generating the file device and FileCopy() to copy the file to the remote device.

It should be possible also to use a CIFS file device generated with DevLink() also directly with MpDataRecorder at the input “DeviceName”, but I prefer copying the file to avoid issues like “what to do if the CIFS device is temporary not available” and so on.

Best regards!