mappVision - Triggered image on mappView HMI query


We are working on mappVision application.

We have implemented a function that shows triggered/actual image on mappView HMI screen. We are facing below issue regarding actual image update in mappView HMI,

  1. Actual images are updating but not at every capture. It is updating after every 2nd capture.
  2. At 2nd capture image is updated to previous one. Always lagged by one image.

mappVision - 5.22
mappView - 5.22

Kindly suggest.


Hello Ravi,

How are you fetching and showing the images in mappView?

Are you using the ViBaseGetImage function block or some other approach?

Hi Ravi,
in our case, we are using a counter with the Image Widget, to get the actual capture, for example:

// Refresh Image widget
tempStr := UINT_TO_STRING(counter);
Imagepath := ‘’;
Imagepath := CONCAT(Imagepath,tempStr);

At the end of the programm:
counter := counter + 1;

I hope, it helps you!

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Thank you for your response. The issue has been resolved by handling logically.


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