Modbus buscoupler X20BC0087 + X20CS1030

Has anyone used X20BC0087 with X20CS1030? We would like to have modbus buscoupler out in the field and use serial communication with module X20CS1030 after that.
X20BC0087 is connected to X20PLC ETH port. Any obvious restrictions with this setup? Or tips before testing?

It seem that in this constellation only flat stream is supported, so library AsFltGen is needed in the plc.

Serial communication is also possible with X20BC008U module, but in this case the frames are received on the bus coupler itself and then transported with the OPC UA protocol.
See link:

Why is the X20BC0087 used and not for instance powerlink X20BC0083 ?

Thank you for your answer Corne!

Distance is rather long and we have already ETH on the destination for extra HMI (and we do not need hard real time) so it’s easier if to use ethernet based solution.

@christoph.hilchenbac I am sorry to tell but a X20IF1030 is not supported next to a X20BC1083. Only Fieldbus modules can be used

thanks @oliver.doberer for correction !