Module X20 DS1319


Does anyone have a good explanation (apart from the manuals) of the operation and utilities of the X20 DS1319 module?

  • Functionality.

  • Utility.

Thank you in advance.


since the X20DS1319 is a complex module with many different functions and use-cases, the answer is not so easy :wink:

First of all, I would recommend having a look into the function overview and the functions descriptions of the module in the online help - having a look in the various functions should give you a brief insight what’s possible and what are the use-cases for this module.

Some short words about the X20DS1319:

  • it’s a digital signal processing module
  • it can be used as a SSI encoder input (so reading SSI encoder signals, for example from a " encoder that delivers a machines master position for different coupled axes movements")
  • it can be used as a encoder emulation (for example to generate a encoder signal for a 3.rd party drive by software)
  • it can be used for counting very fast edges / triggers (for example you get triggers that are coming faster / with a higher frequency than the information can be transferred to the PLC - so for example the modules counts the number of triggers between 2 input/output cycles of the PLC + IO)
  • it can be used to get detailed information about “at what point of time a trigger / edge event happened” (for example, if a trigger event happens in between 2 input/output cycles, you’ll get not only the information that a event happened, but also the exact timestamp when it happened - this functionality is called “NetTime”)

Of course the’re some more use-cases, but I hope I could gave you a short overview what’s behind this module.
Best regards!