Onlinechart widget: zoom with EU limits

I use Onlinechart widget. I need to change chart limits in real time (I tried autozoom, but it seems it doesn’t correspond my demands). So I need to autozoom chart myself with signal’s EU. I tried to bind two PV for high and low EU limit of charts value, but it has no affection on chart.
How can I change Onlinechart’s high and low limits “on the fly”?

Hi Andrey!

The min and max value of OnlineChart widget are not bindables, so I you cannot change those parameters with the values you want.


However, you can use the autoscale parameters to adapt automatically the chart to minimum and maximum values. Just define this parameter to “true” in OnlineChart widget.


I think you did not bind your value as a node to Online Chart. Then EURange is taken as a limit, not limits from widget itself. Check my example.

Thank you, Jaroslav! It is worked out.

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