OPC DA - Windows 11

I have a brief inquiry about the B&R OPC DA Windows server.

The customer was previously using OPC DA to facilitate data communication between PP065 and a Windows 7 PC.

However, due to a breakdown, the customer has replaced their PC and is now using Windows 11.

They are currently unable to establish communication with the PLC using OPC DA.

Therefore, I’m wondering if OPC DA – DCOM settings are still compatible with Windows 11?

If they are not, is there any documentation available that supports this?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Kashyap,

I’m not a OPC DA expert and I can’t test if it’s true what I think, but from what I understand unfortunately it’s not longer possible to get a OPC DA communication running with Automation Runtime OPC DA Server and Windows 10/11 OPC DA client.

The reason is a mixture of:

Even if it’s not a solution, I hope the informations is helpful for you.
Best regards!

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The first step is to figure out where in the communication chain the system is breaking down.

Since you are using the PVI OPC Server, you should check PVI to see if the issue is between the PLC and PVI, PVI and OPC Server, or OPC Server to OPC client. The dataflow for the PVI OPC Server looks like as follows:

If the issue is between the PLC and PVI, you will see connection errors in PVI Monitor. The exact error number can be found by taking a PVI snapshot and reviewing it in the PVI Snapshot Viewer.

If the issue is between PVI and PVI OPC Server, there likely isn’t much that can be done. Check your PVI version for Win11 compatibility, your .opcs file(s), and the BR.OPC.Server.ini file. You have to be using at least PVI OPC Server v3.xx for modern Windows versions, so we shouldn’t be talking about the 2.xx versions.

The OPC Client will HAVE to reside on the same Windows PC as the PVI OPC server. The Windows DCOM lockdown (OPC DA runs through DCOM) indicated by Alexander has shut down a lot of workflows to transfer data between PCs.

If your OPC Client is providing error messages when connecting to the PVI OPC Server, follow those as well. Note that you MAY have to enable DCOM on Win11. I’m not sure as I’m not in-front of a Win11 PC now.

Checking that DCOM is enabled

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Run.
  2. Type dcomcnfg in the box, and then click OK.
    This opens the Component Services window.
  3. In the left frame, expand Component Services and then Computers.
  4. Right-click My Computer and choose Properties.
    This opens the My Computer Properties dialog box.
  5. On the Default Properties tab, check that Enable Distributed COM on this computer is selected.
  6. Click OK.

Hi @kashyapkumar.patel,

I’m sorry, I really missed the “Windows” in the first line of your post … shame on me.
Thanks @austin.carpenter for your attention and explanation!

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@alexander.hefner I think we all took a lot from you reply as well. So it is absolutely ok.


@alexander.hefner and @austin.carpenter Many thanks for your valuable inputs.
I will check the suggested topics and update.

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