OPC UA access by Certificate

Hello! Anyone have done OPC UA access by Certificate method?
Please let me know the procedure for this.
I am trying it using UaExpert application.

Just create certificate, SSL configuration with it and use it for OPCUA server. Everything is described here. B&R Online Help

Thank You for the reply.
I have already checked in AS Help but it did not worked.
Let me check it with this Help if something helpful and will revert you!

We will need from you description what you have done and what exactly did not work for you.


first you should check the logger of the PLC, especially the “Access & Security” and “Connectivity” modules.
If the root cause is OPC UA based, then the’re entries with a additional OPC UA code information, like in the following example:

With this OPC UA code, look into the Automation Help OPC UA Status Code Explanation and the list of codes linked at the end of the page, for example the OPC UA Error Code.

Please note, that the code inside the logger is decimal, but inside the Help lists it’s hexadecimal. OPC UA error codes regarding the certificate are most often codes out of the following subset:

Hello @gajjarm

It looks like you got some good answers from Jaroslav and Alexander, and it has been a couple of weeks since the last activity on this post. If the answers helped you with your question, can you help the next person with the same question by marking the solution on the information which helped you the most. If you still have open questions on this topic, can you provide an update?

Hello @lukas.struber

Yes, i did get good answers from Jaroslav and Alexander. As per current situation, it is still under testing, the problem now is the OPC variables are not showing in MappView Screen page(XX). So if you have any solution for this issue, please let us know.

I can confirm that OPCUA server access by certificate it is already solved. The additional problem Mehulkumar has is easy to solve, he has to create certificate for mappView client properly as it is described here. B&R Online Help

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