Error establishing the connection to MpUserX


when I login into my application I have the following error:

-1061091324: Error establishing the connection to MpUserX.

The structure of my project is the following:

  • one cpu with 2 t80 pp connected
  • Visualization developed with mappView 5.24
  • User management: MpUserX 5.24
  • Login through eventbinding
  • opcua connection protected with certificates

The project always worked until I added the certificate to the opcua.
The other features of my application work as expected with no errors, only when I try to log in I have some problems.

Can anyone help me figure out how to solve the problem?

Here some more details:

**certificates ** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

opcua settings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


mappView settings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


login ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thank you!

I created two articles for this topic. How to configure a secure connection between mappView server and mappView client and UAExpert, mappView: How to make a secure OPCUA connection to OPCUA server with communication partner validation - #4 by keji.wu. Check it quickly, maybe it will help.

What is happening if you use RBAC authentication instead of MpUserX. And last question, is it anonymous user still present in your user and role configuration?

Thank you for the reply,

I have already checked this articles for the implementation of the opcua secure connection.

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If I use the RBAC option the login works but the info related to the users inside the mapp user X are not updated. For example I have a limits on the wrong login attempts equal to 5. If I set RBAC option and execute the login with a wrong password the limits remains 5.