Failed to subscribe to OPC UA node attribute issue

I have an error on logger regarding MappView Server Opc UA communication. Error code is -1061091069. You can find logger screenshot in below. There are 33 errors after every restart. I could not find how to clear this errors. What do you think about these errors ?
Thank you.


this error means that the OPC UA node does not exist, or is inaccessible because of missing user rights.
First, please check if the variables (the names are in the error message) are configured for OPC UA access in the project configuration .

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Error in the logger has in this case in description name of nodeID. Use UAExpert client to connect to the OPCUA server and check that nodeID with this name exist on the server and it is possible to read/write it. This will help you to figure out if the problem is with name or rights or something else…

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