OPCUA, can PLC as server check if there is client connection?

In OPCUA communication, if the PLC is the server, is there a function block to view the current PLC’s connection to the host computer?

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Hi, not directly. But you can use Runtime server information for that.

Some NodeIDs in the OPC UA server namespace interesting for debugging.

NodeID BrowsePath Description
0:i=2259 0:Objects/0:Server/0:ServerStatus/0:State Server state
0:i=2277 0:Objects/0:Server/0:ServerDiagnostics/0:ServerDiagnosticsSummary/0:CurrentSessionCount Current session count
0:i=2285 0:Objects/0:Server/0:ServerDiagnostics/0:ServerDiagnosticsSummary/0:CurrentSubscriptionCount Current subscription count

Runtime Server Information

  • How many clients connected?
  • Who (URI of client) is connected?
  • How many subscriptions?

see Root.Objects.Server.ServerDiagnostics

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Thank you for your reply, I managed to find that information through UAExpert. So can my PLC as server get this information itself?

Yes, you have to use ASOPCUAc library for that. B&R Online Help

OPCUAc2277.zip (162.5 KB)
Thanks, I managed to read the 2277 data. Attached is my test project.

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