Ouput error after build AS project

Hi All,
when I build my project, sometimes appers an error in the output windows that don’t have a code number and the description is " Failed create I/O Image access object. Object reference not set to an instance of an object". When I do a second build the error dissapear…
Can someone help me?

Can you share with us printscreen of the error? how do you solve it, with built all or standard built?

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When having trouble with the info in the “output Results” window you can try to read the legacy “output”. Sometimes i found the old apearance usefull.

Greetings Michael

thank you for you answer. Below the printscreen of the error.

Ok, I will check the next time this section.
Thank you!

Hi Alice,

it looks a bit like that “something” (normally a file, I guess a iomap file) is temporarily not accessible while compiling.
Do you use references (for example a referenced hardware configuration, or references inside the hardware configuration especially references to *.iom files)? If yes, from the file location perspective are these references placed on a network drive or a symbolic link?

Best regards!

What version of Automation Studio do you have? (e.g.
Does this happen with all projects or just one specific project?
Do you have any X20IF cards in the project? If so, which one(s)?

Hi Alexander,
I don’t use any reference in my project

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Hi Brittany,
this happen in different project, that came from the same project.
The AS version is and in the project I use the X20IF10E3-1 card for profinet comunication.


As additional informatin, this happen only after I convert my base project from AS 4.5 to AS4.10 and when I move a project from a PC to another

Hello Alice,

This looks like an issue I’ve seen before.

You can try one or more of the following workarounds:

  • With Automation Studio closed, delete the Program Data folder for that Automation Studio version. Folder location: C:\ProgramData\BR\AS410\
  • Start Automation Studio as an explicit Administrator. Right-click the shortcut or executable, More > Run As Administrator. This will may only be a temporary workaround.

We didn’t see this issue when upgrading to the latest Automation Studio, v4.12. So, if you can upgrade all the way to the latest software version, that is also an option.