PLC reboot triggered by hardware watchdog

Hello users.

I was wondering if you have any idea how I can found witch part of the hardware is causing the alarm, because the comunication with plc is lost because is rebooted.

Attaching the logger

This is a very general error. It can be caused also due to Software issues even if its called Hardware-Watchdog.

To find the cause, a normal problem detection routine must be performed

  • how often does this happen
  • what was changed ahead of first occurance
  • write error reports to find patterns
  • check the Logger for other Warnings or Anomalies
  • If possible change suspicus Hardware
  • if possible remove parts of the Project or use Dummy Project to test Hardware

Sorry to be so general.

The Warning with the Inconsistend SYSRom can hint that a write Process to the CF was active during the Restart and caused Data-Issues. The message tells that the system used the Data2 to recover Data1. Help 26261

Nothing to worry about if its not happening every time.