Position Control and Speed Control using Frequency Converter

Hello guys,

Please I need some help as I’m quite new to Automation Studio and PLC programming in general although, I understand a few basics of Automation studio already.
I am trying use a frequency converter (ACOPOSmicro - 80VD100PD.C022-01) to control 2 servo motors. What is the best approach to do a position control and speed control? Which are the recommended function blocks to use and how can I go about this?

Thanks, your support will be very much appreciated.

Hello Foluke

We have some information available for commissioning a servo axis in the automation help:

Furthermore there is also the B&R tutorial portal where you can find some info about getting started with mappMotion:

For this you will need a B&R website login. Reach out to an office near you in order to obtain such a login if you don’t have one yet.
An automation academy course might also be interesting if you want to het more acquainted with B&R Automation Studio and B&R motion control.

Good luck!

Thanks for the quick response Jan, I’m aware of the Mappmotion and I have been able to commision the axis of the servo motor for movement. I have my login credentials already and I have gone through quite a number of the videos. However, I’m still not sure which function blocks are best for position control and speed control.

Hey Foluke,

for a simple and quick control I would suggest using the MpAxisBasic functionblock. It offers a wide range of utility and both speed and position can be easily controlled by it.


Hi Julian,
Thanks for the response.
The use of MpAxisBasic could be an option but if I have the following position control in Mappmotion and I need to define the position controller parameters it in Structured Text, however, I’m not quite sure how the MpAxisBasic function block can be linked to MpAxisBasicConfig function block based on the information in the following link: B&R Online Help

From my research, I can use the “PCTRL” function to define the position controller parameters but I’m not sure how to initialize the function in structured text.

Linking both is possible and done many times throughout a lot of projects.
But I’m not sure, if this exceeds the usage of this forum to explain everything here - I would suggest taking a mappMotion course.
In any other case maybe someone else can hop in and help out

Hi Foluke,

I think you’re mixing up some topics here. Please make sure you’re only using help resources from the MappMotion chapter. Anything below legacy or ACP10/ARNC0 refers to an older motion core.

Your first starting point should be the getting started Jan mentioned above, when you follow the getting started, you’ll only need to slightly adjust the hardware to your ACOPOSmicro.

Once that’s done, you have all basic settings to start your axis with the Watch window/Monitor Mode though Automation Studio by controlling the MpAxisBasic function block (see fub help). If you need to tune your controllers, you can do this though the MpAxisBasic funktion block or with the mappCockpit using the auto tune functionality.

I hope that will clarify some of your open points.

If you need further assistance, you could, since you’re a student, contact your local education network support. For Germany you can reach out to education.de@br-automation.com.


Hi Sven,
Many thanks for the valuable input and thanks for pointing out the difference between Mappmotion and ACP10/ARNC0. I will reach out to education network support as recommended.