Providing user help and documentation in mappView apps

In what ways are you providing help and documentation in your mappView applications? Please share any solutions, suggestions or pifalls you have encountered. I’m looking for ways of presenting alarm guides, instructions etc.


Hi Jonas, welcome to the community!

The PDFViewer widget works well for displaying PDF documentation. The file it displays can be changed at runtime which means that you can display different documents depending on what the user needs. For example, one visualization I created a while back had a picture of the machine on a page, and touching different parts of the machine changed what information was displayed. In this case it would change the documentation that was shown in the PDF viewer, but also show different information about the diagnostic data of I/O modules, etc.

Another idea - I believe one of the mappView sample projects uses a VideoPlayer widget on the Alarms page. You could change which video is displayed depending on which alarm is active to guide the operator in solving the problem. This does require a lot more effort though as you’ll need to take some videos during commissioning.


Hi Jonas,

another (very easy) way is to use tooltips in mappView HMI.

Most widget in mapp View have a tooltip property where a language dependent text can be set.

B&R Online Help (

To provide help on specific alarms you can use AdditionalInformation1 and 2 property of MpAlarmX. We use this feature to show coordinates on a machine overview picture. Paper widget is very useful to generate dots with dynamic positions.