Using files from a FileDevice in mappView widgets

The common procedure to either use images, documents or any kind of media in general is to copy the file to the “Media” folder and reference to that file from there.


I personally use it when I want to show an image with the “Image” widget, also for SVGs with the “Paper” widget or even Pdfs files with the “PDFViewer”. For sure there are others but that was just to mention a few.

Using the “Media” folder works fine but it has a limitation if you want to be able to update the content without having to perform an online transfer again or if you just do not want to have your AS project filled with documents, pictures or videos that are not really relevant to us (the PLC programmers).

In that case, you could just point to that file using the following “FilePath” definition in your widget properties.


Here you can see an example where I use it in combination with the “Paper” widget.

By the way, I am pretty sure that I found once this information in the help but now I am unable to find it again. In case someone knows where this is explained feel free to share the AS help link.


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I think you are looking for this link B&R Online Help.

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