Real-Time Z-Axis Control with Inductive Sensor Feedback in G-Code

Hi everyone,

I’m using the MpCnc3Axis function to control three axes with G-code, but I need to ensure the Z-axis doesn’t collide with obstacles. To address this, I’m integrating an inductive sensor with an analog input to set a safe offset range for the Z-axis.

However, I’m encountering an issue: when I use the analog input for the Z-axis, the value isn’t updated in real-time. Instead, it retains the last sensor reading before the G-code line executes. This makes it difficult to accurately control the Z-axis in real-time, increasing the risk of collisions.

For example, when I use the code G01 X10 Y10 Z=AnalogInput, where ‘AnalogInput’ is a variable linked to the inductive sensor, the command moves to X10 Y10 and Z[last number] based on the last sensor value at the time of code execution. This doesn’t reflect real-time changes in sensor readings.

I’m looking for advice on how to program G-code so that the Z-axis adjusts continuously based on the latest analog sensor readings, allowing for real-time adjustments. Any suggestions on achieving real-time updates for this axis would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Dario,

you could, for example, use the online path influence functionality to modify the z-position in real time, see B&R Online Help.

Just be careful and apply smooth signals, try to avoid “jumps”. You can also use filters in application to make sure the signals are smooth.


Hi Dario
at the time of code execution you can use one more variable and map that value in int data type and execute that to the z axis with move function

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