Scrolling Alarm Banner

Hello everyone,

I’m currently trying to make a single line banner across my HMI that displays my active alarms. I’m currently using the AlarmLine widget and AlarmXCore mplink. So if I had 3 alarms active, the Alarm line would display alarm 1 for 2 seconds, then alarm 2 for 2 seconds, so on so forth.

I’m finding that AlarmLine will only display the most recent alarm. Is there a way to change that?

Hello @c589717 JackLin,

I haven’t implemented a similar function, but I assume you will be creating an event binding based on a session timer to trigger actions on the AlarmLine widget. There are actions within the AlarmLine to ShowFirst, ShowNext, and ShowLast that can be used to change the specific alarm shown.
AlarmLine Actions and Events - B&R Online Help (

  1. Setup a Session timer for the amount of time you want the alarm to be shown.
    Session timer - B&R Online Help (

  2. Start the timer on ContentLoad of the content containing the AlarmLine.

Event ContentLoaded - B&R Online Help (
Action Start Timer - B&R Online Help (

  1. Create an Event binding with the following logic:
    Session Trigger = Session.Timer.Event > Elapsed
    Widget Action = AlarmLine.ShowNext
    Operand = If result is false (false indicates no further alarms)
    Widget Action = AlarmLine.ShowFirst
    Session Timer Elapsed Event - B&R Online Help (

Good luck!

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Hey Austin,
I almost got it. My AlarmLine can scroll with the timer now, but I still don’t understand what to put in the operand off the sessionTimer event. When I put a Widgets Operand in and give it the WidgetID of my AlarmLine, the method drop down doesn’t show anything. How do I specifically reference the result of a widget action? Here’s what I got so far.

Hello JackLin,

Try dragging the Widget.Action into the white Results: box under the ShowNext action. You should then be able to set the condition as “result=false.”

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Oh… didn’t know you could do that. My banner is working now so thanks.

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I was looking for my solution but you guys already figured it out. One additional feature you could add is the start / stop of the scroll based on PendingAlarms.

That way it only runs the scroll action if there are more than 1 alarm especially since you have your alarm line in the header as well.