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Hi everyone,

is it possible, when a lot of alarms are present, that it’s not possible to scroll in the alarm list (visual components; VC4)?
When i produce lot of alarms (over 100…) I only can have a look at the picture below.
When i click the buttons for Page down or Down nothing happend.
Can i change this configuration that i can scroll down?


In general it should be possible to scroll the active alarm list in VC4. Since I don’t know the application in detail it’s hard to say how it’s done in your usecase, but at least I’ll try to provide some general information.

Navigation in the alarm control can be done by KeyActions linked to buttons. KeyActions can be ControlDependent (the action is directly linked to a specific control) or FocusDependent (the action can be different depending on what control has the focus).
From your page layout I assume you want to use ControlDependent actions, so first I would recommend to check how the actions on your navigation buttons are set, please have a look here for more information:

Also, some controls can be locked and/or can be set to Input = false to prevent interaction with them. Right now I’m not sure if a alarm control has to be set to Input = true to enable navigation inside the control, but please check also those settings, please have a look here for more information about the general control settings:

Last but not least, many controls can also be controlled by the PLC code using the status datapoint (locking, hiding, focusing and so on), and, depending on the control, also more datapoints can be available to influence the controls behavior using PLC code (for example to move cursor position in lists). So if it’s not your own code, you should also check if for example the value datapoint is used /written somewhere in the application.

Hope those informations will help,
best regards!

Alexander has already explained it to you, so only short example of control dependent action, make sure that name of alarm list control element is selected.

From your description it seems that page up and down action work properly until you reach 100 numbers of alarm? if this is so, and it is not application bug (action is locked e.g.) then it looks like a bug. You can try to update to latest VC version otherwise report it to support of your local B&R office.

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Thanks a lot for your promt comments. There were all useful!

My problem was about my layers. the Button up, down… was in an inactive layer(another layer than the alarm list)