Seeking Free Resources for Learning B&R Automation Studio

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to learn B&R Automation Studio and was wondering if there are any free educational resources, courses, or tutorials available for beginners. Any recommendations for where I can find quality learning material would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help!


for that you need account to access our webpage.

Training modules you can find here:

Tutorial and online courses here:

We also offer trainings, I would highly recommend them :slight_smile:


Is it free? How to create an account?
There is no option for sign up

The get an Account on the B&R Web Page you have to be coustomer and then you can talk to your local Sales Contact. They will then asign you a login.

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As far as I know these are free for ones who has account. For account creation please get in contact with your local B&R office.

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Yes, @masalsandeep1692 is right that there is no option for sign up.

Is there any other method to create an account on this? :thinking:

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@kovarj - It seems there’s no open-source learning material available. These resources are typically accessible for those with an account and customer.

Did you contacted local B&R office?

Dear @kovarj I am not currently a customer of B&R and do not purchase any hardware from your company. I am a freelancer and work independently, providing services and solutions in my field of expertise.

Whom to contact in India, Pune ?

Hi Sandeep,

On the B&R homepage, you’ll find contact information (mail, phone) for each office.

Please have a look here:

The headquarter of India is located in Pune.

Best regards!

… you are not today, but maybe you will be soon. contact local office, explain them situation and what you would like to try and I’m sure they will find solution for you. Reason why training materials are not available without login is because we would like to have at least minimum control about it.

hello @kovarj
I have contacted the local office as you suggested but have not received any response yet. (Via Email)

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