Download Training Modules

Dear All,

Is there a way to download the PDF training modules, even though you don’t have access / can’t create a new user?
I can download some modules at, but the module is in Korean.

Thank you.

Hi @rudi.sarjono, you have already found that you have to be logged in. What is the problem with account creation? What TM module are you looking for?

Hi Kovar,

How to create an account? I don’t find a button to create an account.
I tried log in using the community user account but it failed.
I am interested in TM251, 252, 260 and 280.

Thank you.

Hi @rudi.sarjono, for account you have to contact local B&R office. List of them you can find here. Locations | B&R Industrial Automation

If you self-register for a B&R Community account, this account indeed does not work for the B&R website. To get a B&R website account, you must ask your B&R representative (which you can find via the link that Jaroslav shared). If you already have a website account, then that account will work to log you in to the community, but not the other way around. The situation is further described here :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your help.