How to Join the Community

Want to participate?

Awesome! We’d be happy to have you join us. The forum and Automation Help are fully visible without logging in. But, in order to participate in the forum (create your own topic, reply to another topic, or “like” a topic/reply) or access the Conversational Help, you do need to login. Here are a few key details:

B&R Website Accounts

If you already have an account on the B&R website, then great news! Those credentials will work for the community as well. Use that username (C followed by 6 numbers) and password to login to the community.

Create a Community Account

If you don’t have an account on the B&R website, then you can self-register for the community here. After doing so, your username to login to the community will be your email address.

Note that you cannot create a new community account using an email address that is already linked to an account on the B&R website. So, if you try to register and you get a message saying that your email has already been used, please use the “Forgot Password” functionality here on the B&R Website to recover that account. Then you’ll be all set!