System variables reading


i need to remember the selected system measurement unit ( metric - imperial - imperialUS) ; so that the required unit is reselected or retained after powerloss.

1/ what or how is is possible to read the ::System:clientinfo?
2/ i want to put the selectedMesasurement unit into a retained variable.
3/ were do i best create the eventbinding that reads the retained variable and use is to reassign the selected measurement unit?

it is not clear how it is done in the mappview demo HVHighlight program

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to read the Client SystemInfo, you have to configure a suitable variable structure on PLC side, make it accessible via OPC UA and bind it in mappView, an example can be found here.

Setting the unit can be done by a system action, additionally please see here for an overview of all Client actions available.

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You could also look at mvHighLight task mvClient and the gSystemInfo.binding file.