Mp Audit Using With Unit Conversion Tags Value Show is Raw Count

Hello all,

I am Using User unit Conversion Value Through OPC UA user define unit System In Mapp View. Using Atomic Factor Offset For Scaling 1 to 100.

For example: Mapp View Numeric Entry : 1.00 and OPC UA Tag Value is 100.0

Now I am Using Mapp Audit with Value Change Event. in Value change Mapp view 1.00 to 2.00 but Mapp Audit Entry is 100.00 to 200.00. so, How to Solve this. With Using Unit Conversion scaling.

Find Attached Here Some Picture for your Ref.


When using units you always have to separate between engineering units and display units.

The engineering unit is the unit in which the values is set on the PLC variable. This is also the unit you set in the OPC UA configuration.

The display unit is the unit which is shown to the user, e.g. in the UI. For basic numeric inputs and outputs in mapp View you can set the display unit directly on the widget.

For mapp Services, such as MpAlarmX, MpAuditTrail and MpData there is also the same concept. But because there is not one widget per datapoint and because there are also export files…, you cannot set the display unit on the mapp View Widget. For mapp Services you have the MpComUnit configuration.
Configuration help

There is a use case in the help which shows all configurations required
MpComUnit use case

Additionally, this topic is also part of the mapp Services Training SEM270. So, if you have a B&R website login you can download the TM270 training manual which covers this topic.