OPC UA v audit value change filter

I have a case where the end user is writing to my opc ua values in a periodic way, which results in many OPC UA events, where the values do not change. What would be the best way to get rid of those events? Can i specify a filter for each value for the audit system? or do need to remove opc ua events and then implement manual events in the code for each of the variables.


from backend (mapp Services/mapp Audit) side there is currently no way to filter out such OPC UA events and the only way I am aware of is moving from OPC UA events to another event type (e.g. PV value changes), resolved on application level.
If its only about not-displaying them on mapp View I can’t tell for sure if there is any way to filter out such events on the Widget. Up to my understanding it might be possible if the values are known and always the same (e.g. text contains always “changed from 0 to 0”), but not if this does vary. But maybe someone with more detailed knowledge about the widget filter possibilities could answer that.

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