Localizable texts for MpAudit

i have a questions about MpAudit localizable texts:

  1. The first question is where I could find a list of references that I can use to reference different data, such as {&op} for the operator, or {&old} and {&new} for the old and new values. I’ve been searching for a long time and I can’t find it. I found this, but the information on this link is incomplete and insufficient, and there is no link that describes all the formatting options.

2.The second question is whether there is a way for a reference to an OPC UA variable like {#::AsGlobalPV} to retain the value it had at the time the event occurred, so that it does not get overwritten with the current value in all events when the language is changed or when exporting.

In the OPC UA variable settings, I have Auditing turned on, and I’m not sure what other options I might need to enable, or if it’s even possible. I would appreciate any advice, thank you.

Hello @rudolf.sila welcome to the B&R community!

For question #1 check out the documentation under mappAudit in the Services section in the help. Here mappAudit concept with mappView and Audit event types

Question #2 seems odd to me and value of previous recorded events should not change so we need to take a look. What version of mapp are your using?
Quick follow up question. Are you using a custom event type to enter the message with the {#::AsGlobalPV} value?

I am using mapp version 5.24, AR version is G4.93, and yes, this is triggered by the function MpAuditCustomEvent(). The widget AuditList holds the values until it is refreshed by a change of language. Then the messages are refreshed, and I get the current values everywhere.
When I export a file, the current values are displayed in every single message in the file.


I was able to reproduce the behavior and it kind of makes sense to me why it does it but it is still unwanted. It looks like if you use the PV-Monitoring the value doesn’t change after a reload of the audit table.
I’m trying to figure out how we can use the PV-Monitoring as source for your custom event message.
The red marked values are coming from a {#::AsGlobalPV:gTest} in the TMX file while the blue values are from Variable Monitoring

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I found out that if I send the value as a Message or Comment parameter of the function, the value remains stored as well. The problem is that I am already using &msg for the operator’s name, and I only have space left for one more variable, which would mean using another event message for additional values, which doesn’t seem visually optimal to me. But I probably won’t have another option.

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