Display user in audit for recipe changes

Hello mapp-Framework Team

It would be nice to also have the operator mentioned in the audit list widget when he/she is f.e. making changes in a recipe or a new recipe is created/loaded.
Now, the column operator remains empty.


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Hello Jan,

I had the same problem. For that reason I used the function MpAuditCustomEvent().

You could call this action whenever a recipe is created / loaded. You can bind current mappView user to a PLC var and use it e.g. as comment param in MpAuditCustomEvent().

See online help: B&R Online Help

Maybe thisis a solution to your problem.

Regards Simon :slight_smile:


Hi @Simon_Stoll

Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile: .
The MpAuditCustomEvent() is one way to do it, another could be to login op application level and then you’d get the information in the column as well as in the audit text automatically.

It would be nice though if this was something that was already part of mappFramework so people could check how it’s done there in order to use it in their own projects f.e.
So this post was more of a suggestion for future versions :wink: .

Maybe we should have some dedicated mapp-framework thread where we suggest features for future versions and they can then be upvoted :smiley:.


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I totally agree with you.

Maybe B&R will change something to MpAudit. :melting_face:

Thank you both or your input and ideas! The solutions mentioned do indeed work for single-client applications, but if you have multiple HMI clients then the solution would not be so straightforward. This is why we have not incorporated this type of feature into the mapp Framework.

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Hi Brittany,

workaround for this problem would be to find out in PLC from which HMI recipe change was done. Then you can check which user is logged in on this client.

But if this is handled in mapp Framework it would be much easier :slight_smile:


Completely agree!
This makes it for the user very straightforward. Extra benefit, users can see how the implementation is done and use it for their applications as well.

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