MpAudit to register MpUserX login/logout

I’m using both MpUserX and MpAudit and would like to record the loging in and out of users.
I’ve done the following settings:

  • MappView config has MpUserX as authentication mode
  • the user is defined in the AccessAndSecurity in Configuration View
  • mpUserX is added to mappServices in Config View, the same user as above is selected in this configuration
  • mpAuditTrail has as audit events configured also MpUserX management events among others
    I’ve put the AuditList on a page and showing the events there.
    Using the Login widget, the login/logout is not shown in the list. Also no user is shown when value changes occur.
    Using in the application code the function block MpUserXLogin produces no audit event.
    Value change events are being recorded an shown.

In the help I can see for User Management Event a series of actions that could be shown, but how to get them in the audit trail ? I’m refering to help page guid: 5f095731-68e1-46c5-8732-ee5aba02b6f0

Thank you for your continued support!

Hello Alin

You can find a step-by-step implementation via the usecase below:

Hopefully you can find the missing link there.
Good luck!

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Hi Jan,
Thanks for the link. I see my main problems are easily fixed with examples already given that I was unable to find :slight_smile:
Although my project had everything like in the example it was still not working.
I made a new empty project for testing, and that one worked without issues.
Then I started editing to default components and edited back as needed in my original project.
Things started working when I reseted the mpAuditTrail configuration object. I had defined there many types of events. When leaving only 4 event types the AuditTrail started displaying also the login/logout information.
Thank you for your support. Problem solved!

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