How to Detect OPC UA Foundation success codes

Hey guys,
I’ve set up a bunch role based EU range values, and they clamp the value if it violates the ranges. According to the help file, this sends a “Good_Clamped” OPC UA code, but how can I detect that in my PLC?

Hi JackLin, am I right that you speak about value change from mappView visualization? So EURange depends on which user (with assigned roles) is logged in to mappView client?

Thats right. When there is a MappView value change that violates the EURange (which depends on the user’s assigned role), I made it clamp the value, but I also need it to display a popup that says why the value got changed to the user.

hm interesting usecase :slight_smile: I’m worried that this information is not available in mappView per default because eurange clamp is functionality of OPCUA server. I personally think that you will need to find some workaround and check this by application. But lets wait for others, maybe someone has already made some experiences about this usecase. Thanks for clarification.

But you don´t need a simple input limitation in mappView? In this case you have to do a node binding and the user cannot enter values ​​outside the configured EURange. See also mappView - Node binding

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Oh, I never knew you could do that. I had my input widget bind to my OPCUA value attribute before, so when the OPCUA units and limits changed, it wouldn’t reflect on my HMI. The new hard limits are definitely better than my popup idea.

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