Unit conversion in mapp View for rotary and linear axes

Hello everyone,

we use same mappView NumericInput / Output widget for rotary and linear axes.
The value binded to NumericInput / Output is the same for both rotary and linear axes.

Unit for rotary axes is degree [°].
For linear axes we use mm in metric and inch in imperial unit system.
Unit property is binded from PLC and switched between mentioned units.

To use unit conversation between mm and inch I have to configure OpcUa tag as mm and bind to widget via NodeBinding. This works. But: if we switch to a rotary axis unit conversation fails (is not possible to convert mm to degrees).

Problem is, that PLC value unit can’t be switched dynamically between mm and degrees.

  • Has anyone faced the same problem?
  • What are your ideas to solve this issue?

I’m excited about your suggestions. :slight_smile:


Hello Simon,

you can use formulas to achieve this, if i understand your question


with regards


Hi Sven,

thank you for your idea! :slight_smile:

That would mean that I have to define own (pseudo) conversations between e.g. mm and degrees.

Do you know whether this is possible for predefined units or do I have to define own units?