Ups-daemon question for install

when I use debain12 could I install ups-control?
ups-control depends on daemon ,but Deamon don’t have package for Linux Debian 12,
I try to install ups-darmon_1.2.4 on Debian 12.
when I install it ,there has an error like the picture.
Customers need this libbrad2 package for installing ups-daemon, but I can’t find this package on
Is this package developed by us?
I have searched the official website, but I can’t find it.

Hi @mar,

as I remember, libbradi2 is part of the following package:

This package can only be seen/downloaded if you’re logged in at the homepage.
I think also the mtcx package is needed (same location on the website).

But be aware that these packages were built for B&R Linux 10 based on Debian 10, I don’t know if they’re all comaptible with Debian 12?
Linux for B&R based on Debian 12 is in preparation as I know, but I’m not aware of the release date.

Best regards!

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Thank you so much!!!
it‘s very helpful !!


I’m happy that I could help!

Best regards!