USER_PATH and DevLink

if i Link a Device (DevLink) with ‘/DEVICE=F:/DATA/TEXTS’ everything ist Ok and works fine.
But if i try to use: ‘/DEVICE=USER_PATH/DATA/TEXTS’ the DevLink.state = Err_Ok, but
i can not use the Linked Device.

What is the reason, or what is inside USER_PATH ?

I think it’s a missunderstanding by me, but i want to clarify this matter…

Thank you for your answers :grinning:

Hi Toddie,

According to this AS Help chapter, it must work. At the end “USER_PATH” just replaces the drive letter.

However, it’s supported from A4.91 and later. File devices, files and directories

So, can you check the AR version you are using? Maybe this is the cause o not working correctly.


Thank you, my AR-Version is G4.83.

I have not found a higher Version for my actual Hardware (5AP1120.121E-000 / 5PPC2100_BY01_000)

But it’s not a big deal, i can use the real Drive-Letter for this moment…

Thank you!


you’re right, xPC2100 only supports Automation Runtimes up to version 4.8x.
As Xabier mentioned, the automatic creation of the “USER_PATH” file device was introduced with AR >= 4.91.
So I can confirm that you’re not doing anything wrong, but xPC2100 unfortunately cannot support the automatic USER_PATH file device.

Best regards!


@alexander.hefner : Thank you. I had overlooked the fact that the runtime for PPC2100 is no longer being developed further. I just bought the device. I will probably take 22xx devices in the future.