User Spotlight: Lukas Struber


Today we start a News series where we will occasionally highlight active users in our community. Our first user highlight is not only a B&R employee and expert B&R user, but he is also one of our community moderators :clap: please welcome, Lukas Struber! (@lukas.struber)

What is your role?

My current role at B&R is “Service Owner” Support within the Product Group Motion. Within the team we are mainly responsible for handling Motion related customer support inquiries and issues together with our experts in the development department, colleagues from Quality Control and local support teams all around the world. Since we are having lots of overlapping technical areas within the B&R environment we are also having a very close collaboration with teams from other PGs like Mechatronics.

I started at B&R in 2011 as Support Engineer in the 2nd Level Motion support team after successfully finishing Engineering Camp, a hardcore and fully packed training program going over several months that is the perfect starting point for a career at B&R.

From 2018 to 2022 I was responsible as team lead. Just recently I took responsibility of the Service Owner duties within PG Motion.

What is your area of expertise?

As we are strongly focused on Motion related topics, my expertise is in any of our single axis Motion product families like ACOPOS, ACOPOSmulti, ACOPOS P3, ACOPOSmicro, ACOPOSinverter etc. as well as the integrated firmware features on these products (SPT function blocks, CAM automat, drive controller cascade, …). Also the software package running on the PLC (ACP10, mapp Motion, NC Manager) and the respective Automation Studio and diagnostics tools like the AS logger, Network Command Trace, NC Test window or mapp Cockpit DriveLog are part of it. Other product families like stepper motor drives or servo motors and planetary gearboxes are also part of our responsibility.

What is one technical fact that you’d like to share with the community, which might not be well known?

It is important to always switch on the drive controller (CMD_CONTROLLER/MC_Power) on active and passive ACOPOSmulti power supplies to have the braking resistor and overload protection features active.

What excites/motivates you about the B&R Community?

I think the great opportunity of the newly introduced B&R Community is that we are having a huge group of people being able to ask question to a wide range audience all around the world with different technical backgrounds. Everybody can contribute to an active and inclusive environment where anybody can ask questions and is getting help from each other, or share relevant information with the community.

And we just got started. This is the beginning of something big that only gets better and better over time.

What are your personal passions/hobbies?

In summer I like to do lots of sports, ranging from cycling, running, swimming as well as hiking and climbing. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and going out or going for dinner.

During vacation I like to travel and visit new places all around the world. I especially love doing roadtrips without specific expectations or plans, just follow a certain route within a country and see where you end up.

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