What are the proper components for wall-mounting a Field Panel (6PFT50)?

So far I have the 10" field panel (6PFT50.101E-10B). I’m leaning toward using the 6AACCFL01.0300 for the flange. However, the 90-degree cable was requested. I don’t see how it would work with the included flange.

Customer requested the 90-degree cable.

Hi Chad!

Here you can see how the connection between FT50 PoE and tge 90º cable is done.
FT50 PoE cable - 90° M22/RJ45

In this other link, how the flange feed-through bracket for pipe fixture is connected.
Flange feed-through (6ACCFL01.0300-000)

If you combine both installations, the cable goes inside the pipe. So if you are using a 90º bent cable, the 48mm diameter pipe you install cannot be straigh. It would also be 90º bent pipe.


This is the configuration we are going to use.
Figure 1: 6CAPFT.0050-01 Figure 2: VESA Bracket, 6ACCMA11.0100-000

FT 90

Thank you for the input! :clap: :slightly_smiling_face: