Widget styles not updating to OPCUA tags when PLC boots up

Hi everyone,
I have several opcua tags that change the style of widgets on my screen. When my PLC boots up, some of those tags are true, but the style of my widgets don’t update. Styles change perfectly fine after those opcua tags go through a valueChange, but they just don’t update on the initial cycle it seems.

And this appears to only be a style changing problem. Initial opcua pull functions for everything else seems to work fine.

@c589717 JackLin,make sure that in mappView OPCUA configuration the parameter InitalValueChange Event is set to true B&R Online Help, you can also check if in logger there is any error recorded during booting and lastly mappViewServer diagnostic page can be checked and used to record events and actions, maybe you will see some error there as well B&R Online Help

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Oh, ok it works now. I didn’t know about the InitialValueChange event, interesting that it’s turned off by default. Thanks Jaroslav!

I think for new mappView configuration is ON per default. For updated mappView configuration (parameter was introduced with certain version of mappView) could be that default value is off to keep compatibility.