X20AP31*1 reading data


i need to communicate witch X20AP3131 module and read all data of energy. I found, that’s need to use flat stream, but I am little bit lost. Can somebody tell me in step-by-step how I can do it?
I have 2 modules in my project and I want to read register 290-318, 538-564, 778-838, 4108-4412.
I found the another topic IO-Link flt (also AP31*1), but this not solve :frowning:

Flat stream? … it is because you are comunicating via Fieldbus? Profinet, ethercat…?

No. It’s on X2X on PLC BUS. But all data is much more bigger than 30 bytes, which is the limit for cyclic com. If I add all data, the compilator write error, that it’s bigger, than 30B.

Ummm that is bad…

one option is to go with X2X+ when you have this limit in the X2X comunication.
The problem in this case is that the X20AP3131 is not yet supported.

You can boost these values:
Maximum data of an I/O module
-Non X2X+ capable I/O module: ≤63 bytes
-X2X+ capable I/O module: ≤256 bytes

But in your case… there is aneed to generate the code
Go with the example and adapt it!
B&R Online Help (br-automation.com)

Second option…
reduce the number of variables to monitor

Third option…
Purchase more HW modules to run them in paralel! :sweat_smile:

Hi @NovotnyJ,

please check out this sample on Github, maybe it helps a bit:

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Thats look helpfull. I will try it. Thanks :slight_smile:

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