How many I/O modules can be connected to X20BC0083?

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I am using the 5PPC2100_BY34_000 CPU on the 5AP1120.101E-000 Panel PC. Currently, I am connecting I/Os to X20BC0083 via Powerlink.
(Here, I used the 5ACCIF01.FPLK-000 Interface module.)

While setting up the palletizing line, I encountered a situation where I need to use a significant number of I/Os.

The Question is:
How many I/O moduless can be connected to a single X20BC0083?
Alternatively, is there a limit on the number of bytes Powerlink can exchange in one cycle?

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You can connect a maximum of 253 modules to the internal X2X bus of the X20BC0083. Please note that using this many modules will overload the power supply capabilities and requires you to add X20PS modules in between to refresh the power supply.
X2X Link General Information

There is a limit on the number of bytes Powerlink, and X2X, can exchange. The easiest way to check these, and the power supply, is to use Automation Studio 4.11 or newer, and try to set up the desired hardware configuration. After setting up the hardware configuration you can use the “Hardware Configuration Analyzer” to check if your setup is possible. Hardware Configuration Analyzer will report if the field bus timings or power supply are exceeded.
Hardware Configuration Analyzer

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A BC0083 is basically a so called “powerlink station” which converts Powerlink to our X2X bus system.

There are several limitations:

  1. Our Powerlink master PLK can have up to 239 slave nodes/stations on one line and 1490 bytes per slave station

B&R Online Help (

  1. X2X can have up to 254 IO modules and a total of 8192 bytes of Input and output data

B&R Online Help (

Nevertheless there is also the cycletime to consider. If you have a lot of stations and try to send/receive all data within 400µs it will most likely not work. Due to this our Automation Studio does help you here.
Simply configure hardware as you need it and do a rebuild.
Then use “Open → Hardware configuration Analyzer” and Automation Studio will give you the estimated cycle times of both bus systems.

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Please also pay attention to the maximum configuration entries.

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