X20CP1382 only R (in red) and DC LED are on

Hello Folks,
We X20CP1382 in our panel suddenly it has turned in situation where it only showing R (in red) and DC Led. We are not able to communicate with PLC . We have perform the actions like restarting the PLC, and resetting it. But it still in same state. Is there any one who has solution about this ?


have I got it right? Only R is red and DC is yellow, and no activitity at all at SE, E, RF after some time after powering on? Also no “flickering” at the DC led (which maybe would point to a issue with the power supply)?

If yes, this is not a “normal boot” state - DC shows that the PLC is powered, R in red shows that the processor is in reset state … if this does not change “after some seconds” after power on, it looks like that there’s a hardware issue.

So if it’s really like I understood, I suggest to contact your machine manufacturer for further assistance or replacement.

Best regards!

I guess you got it right. R is steady RED and DC is steady yellow/orange


I did a quick test with my CP1381 to check the LED behavior under different cirumstances (also with the different boot modes that can be triggered by the Reset/Mode switch).

There’s no valid mode where the R LED stays in mode “solid red” for longer then about 4 seconds.

  • After power on, R LED is red for around 2-3 seconds, after that it switches off.
  • After reset or mode change via button, R LED is red for around 4 seconds, after that it switches off.
  • even keeping reset button pressed (which is not a “normal operation”), the R LED only stays red for around 4 seconds, then it switches off.

Every of those tests end up around 40 seconds later with E, FR, SE LEDs are getting active (depending on the boot mode of the PLC).

So I’m pretty sure you’re facing a hardware issue.