X90 with Joystick

Does anyone have any experience with using a 3rd party joystick with an X90 controller?
Ideally over CANopen or J1939?

Are there any known joysticks that are compatible?

Hey Alessandro,
just FYI if no one has a suggestion for you:
In my opinion, since CANopen / J1939 are standards, every Joystick meeting these standards should work, right?! I have no experience with J1939, but for CANopen I would expect it.
Best regards,

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Agree with @marcel.krausert, Just a note from me, if you test one that will work, it would be nice if you shared your experience with us, x90 is becoming more and more popular :slight_smile:

Hi Alessandro,
I’ve used a CANopen version of this joystick from Grayhill: grayhill.com/products/vehicle-controls/can-bus-vehicle-interface-controllers/3j0005-200/. Integration is easy, including using it to navigate and interact with a mapp View HMI.


Thanks Daniel, I’ll give them a look

Sure, I’ll be happy to share once the project gets off the ground