3-point valve control

Hi everyone,

I need to control a 3-point valve, using two digital outputs.

Besides the mapp Hydraulics Premium (paid) package, is there any other library with a Function Block that can perform this task?

I am pretty sure there is no other B&R Library which can be used for this use case.

As far as i know each Programmer has its own Library doing this (Cylinder Control)… lets hope one of them will puplish it.
Often the issue with puplishing is that the library is included in a Maschine-Software Framework, so is mine.

The “TON” FunctionBlock from the “Standard” Library can be used to make an easy Timeout supervision if your valve controls a movement which can be detected via End-Position Sensors.




I’m not sure about the details of your usecase, but I think it could be solved with a 3 step controller out of the MPBasics package plus a little bit of code (= setting the bool outputs depending on the REAL result value of the controller FB).

Please have a look into the function description of the FB MTBasicsLevelController under 3 point controller.

I’m not sure if you need static boolean outputs for the valve control, or if it’s PWM controlled, but even for PWM there’s a FB in the MTBasics library called MTBasicsPWM.

So or so, I recommend to check the functionality of the MTBasics package first.

Best regards!


Thank you Michael and Alexander for the answers.