Acopos Current Monitoring

Hello guys, I am working on a SCARA robot project where Im controling 4 asynchronous motors using 4 ACOPOS 8v1016.50-2, and I need a functional block or command for measuring actual motor currents. Can you help me please ?

What software are you using? mapp Motion (newer) or Acp10/Arnc0 (older)?
Do you need the motor currents in the application program (e.g. for calculations) or do you want to do analysis (offline)?

I’m using Acp10/Arnc0 software and I need to monitor current in real time in application.

Then I suggest to use the function block MC_BR_CyclicRead from the Acp10_mc library:
B&R Online Help (

An overwiew of current controller ParIDs, incl. motor currents, can be found here:
B&R Online Help (

As an addition to what Martin has proposed when you use MpAxisBasic FB for controlling the axis, then in its configuration you can define a ParId to be read cyclically. Then in the FB parameters you activate the reading.

MpAxisBasic FB:

MpAxisBasic configuration:

Hi @juraj.krajcovicc ,

It looks like you got some good answers from Martin and Mariusz, and it has been a couple of weeks since the last activity on this post. If the answers helped you with your question, can you help the next person with the same question by marking the solution on the information which helped you the most. If you still have open questions on this topic, can you provide an update?

Yes, thank you. It worked pretty well. I tried first solution.