8lsa motor with absolute encoder commutation

FOR 8LSA66.E3030D100 MOTOR
İ have acapos 1180 ac120 and ac 140 i think i need a program and connection diagram would you please help me

Hallo Mustafa,
you do not need to adjust the commutation angle. The commutation angle is stored in the encoder memory and is read by the encoder from the Acopos after each warm start.

thank you a lot but what if we changed the bearings could you possibly help me have acapos 1180 driver ac140 option module

Hallo Musatafa,

It is better if you send the synchronous motor to be repaired in Eggelsberg. You can find the address here: B&R

Hello @akceelektronik

Reference Post

As Mr. Herbig and i stated, the normal Process is to send this Motor to the B&R Repair.

In addition for very special cases:
A skilled Application Engineer with some internal knowledge and the correct Hardware (B&R PLC with AS-Project and ACOPOS) can fix this issue on site. (Motor was repaired and due to this, the Encoder Mounting has changed).

You can get in contact with your Local B&R Supplier, and evaluate with them if they can support you in this issue.

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Hello @akceelektronik .
As some previous posts already suggest, writing a new commutation offset to the encoder memory is not supported. For such cases, the motor has to be returned to B&R through your locally responsible B&R office. Then, our repairs department will do a phasing procedure and store the new commutation offset to the encoder.

As an alternative you could use the phasing procedure of the ACOPOS servo drive every time after startup of the drive to measure the commutation angle. This way the ACOPOS will determine which commutation angle the motor has, store it in the parameter MOTOR_COMMUT_OFFSET and use it as long as the drive is not turned off.
Details about the phasing procedure can be found in the Automation Studio help pages for “Phasing the encoder”.


When this is not a viable option, the only other thing we can offer is returning the hardware.