Access to logging in PLC

I am using B&R PLC with following specs:

BR Industrial Automation.
Output: X20DO9321
Input: X20DI9372
Analog: X20AI4622

In my PLC code, there is the logLine function used for logging. I would like to check where we could access these logs?

Thank you.

Hello Kenneth Tham,
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The “logline” function in your code uses ArEventLog library?, If so, all your logs are in Logger, you can access to it by pressing Ctrl+L or clicking on Open–> Logger.

For more information about logger: Automation help: Logger

I see, got it. Thank you for the information.

I have a follow-up query, if we have not turned on BnR automation studio initially, when an error occurs on the PLC and we launch BnR studio. Would we be able to see the log messages logged previously from the PLC?

Hi @kenneth.tham,

all loggers are stored non-volatile in the PLC.
As they are ring buffers, you can see all the entries that can be stored within the size of the buffer, if buffer is full oldest entries are deleted and new ones are added.
So yes, you can see also older logger entries after startup of Automation Studio and reading out the loggers.

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Ok, thank you for the infomation.

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You can also get the logger via SDM if Automation Studio is not available.
Automation Help: SDM

There is the Logger page available from the left and logger files are also included in the System Dump, which can then be opened in Automation Studio.

I see, that is helpful. Thanks.